TDJ Environmental funnel "Washbasin"


Keep your workplace clean!

A collection point for oil and environmentally hazardous fluids.
The TDJ 
Environmental funnel, a combination of a washbasin and a universal funnel. 
Collects your environmentally hazardous fluids in a can or oil drum.

Features & benefits.

* TDJ Environmental funnel is mounted on the spill oil drum or on the table. 
 Environmentally hazardous fluids are poured back into a collection container.
* Avoid dust and grime in dispensers; hang them on the headpiece to let the
very last drop flow out.
* Items can be set on the grate for drainage/dripping.
* The funnel comes with both a strainer and a plug. 
* Hook on which to hang both brush and plug. 

* Overflow plug for the washbasin prevents spillage.   

Strainer prevents smaller items from falling down into the collection container.
Holder for oil measurement.
Grate for draining, dripping, etc.
Hook for brush and rag.


40x40x15cm 1800gr








Agent  WA. USA Importer/Agent:
John Annon. Grahm. WA
Ph 001 253-847-4230










TDJ Environment funnel is 100% Danish-designed and developed, however, injection molded on the other side of the globe. The aim of new development was to achieve even more application possibilities than the "old" TDJ Environment Funnel.




TDJ Uni Miljørtagt are always in stock on "Prærien"

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PDF Brochure

TDJ Uni Environment funnel directly mounted on 210L barrel.


Used as a funnel spigot fits into the hole on both the 60L and 210l oil barrel. There are 4 legs so the hopper can be placed on a table and the hose nozzle is mounted so the oil can drain into a can or other container.


Mounted on table / shelf, waste oil is poured into the funnel and down into the bottle.



TDJ Uni Environment Funnel can also be used as a laundry tray, plug for closing the


drain included



Overflows stopper just so high that it prevents liquid to flow over the sides




Stopper prevents vapors.

3 / 4 "piping to install the tubing.

Technical data
Dimensions: W15xD15xH6 in.

Height without back piece:
7 in. (17 cm.)

Funnel volume:
approx. 3.4 Qts. (3,2 L)

Weight: approx:
2,3 Lbs. 1050 gr

HDPE, oil-resistant



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